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Surbiton Jujitsu – Personnel

Chief Instructor
John Pepperrell

Sensei John Pepperrell -3rd Dan –has trained in Jujitsu for over 30 years. Trained in the East End of London- Wansted, Bow and Milwall Jujitsu clubs, under Sensei Jeff Pelta. Obtained ‘Dan’ status via Busen Martial arts Club . Attended a number of World Federation Jujitsu, Jikishin jujitsu and Busen Gashku courses, gradings and seminars.


Stuart Bradbury- 2nd Dan-

Achieved May 2019  after 10 years of rigorous training.

Progressing in Judo grading at the world famous Budokwai Judo club in Fulham


Aaron Ridler - 2nd Dan after 20 years training awarded his Nidan belt in May 2021 after gruelling grading. Aaron continues to train in AngloJapanese jujitsu and Wadoryu karate.

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